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Server / Workstation Services

With Premier Solutions’ Server / Workstation Services you will be able to focus on running your business without having to worry about whether or not your servers and workstations are operating as efficiently and effectively as they should be.

One of the critical components of your computer network is your servers. Your servers store your company and customer data, run your business applications and store critical information about your computers and your computer network. Another critical component of your computer network is your workstations. Your workstations enable you to access your company and customer data and to run your business applications.

Any downtime resulting from your servers or workstations being unavailable can greatly reduce or even completely halt your ability to operate your business. A reduction or halt in operations translates to an immediate loss of profits and quite possibly a loss of credibility with your customers.

Many Technology Service Providers want you to buy a block of hours that they use on a scheduled interval to come to your office to provide you with computer support. The problem with block hour support is that the problems that are boiling up in between scheduled visits go unnoticed until they explode. Once an issue has exploded you will have downtime until your block hour provider is able to come to your office to address the problem.

At Premier Solutions we take a proactive approach to prevent server and workstation downtime. We proactively monitor your servers and workstations on a continual basis. When a potential problem arises, often times we are able to address the issue before you are ever aware that it even existed. And on the rare occasion when a problem does arise, we are immediately aware of it and quickly react to address the problem. This is not to say that we are just monitoring your servers and workstations and waiting for them to have problems. We actually have several processes that we perform on a routine basis to keep your servers and workstations optimized and updated so they perform as efficiently and effectively as possible and so they are as safe and secure as possible.

At Premier Solutions we have a different philosophy about computer support. We don’t wait around hoping your servers and workstations will break, so we can get paid to fix them. In fact, with our Server Services and Workstation Services we lose money if your servers and workstations have problems, which is why our focus is on ensuring that you don’t have problems.

Contact Premier Solutions today to learn more about our Server / Workstation Services and how these services can be of benefit to your business.