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Partners Committed to Your Success

We have established partnerships with several key vendors that enable us to provide for all of your technology needs. We choose technology partners that have a proven track record of providing products and services that meet or exceed the technology needs of small businesses. No matter how big or how small your technology needs are, Premier Solutions can work with you to address your needs in an honest, professional and reliable manner.

Dedicated Account Teams

The partnerships we establishes with vendors provide us with a dedicated account team at the vendor, which is a big benefit to you. A dedicated vendor account team provides us with direct access to vendor sales and technical support, which increases our product knowledge and technical support response times. Vendor partnerships provide us with better pricing and quicker response times than non-partners receive.

Partnerships Based on Service, not Profit Margin

Premier Solutions does not choose vendors based on profit margins. When we partner with a vendor it is always with your best interest in mind. Don’t be fooled by Technology Service Providers that tell you that they don’t sell products and services because they have your best interests in mind. Many Technology Service Providers will tell you that they will recommend, but not sell products and services because they don’t want you to feel that they are pushing an inferior product or service on you because it may make them more money than a superior product or service would. At the end of the day, whether the Technology Service Provider is selling products and services or not, they are still making product and service recommendations, so if they are going to recommend products and services anyway, why not partner with the vendors whose products and services they recommend, so they can provide their clients with all of the benefits that come from partnering with vendors.

In most cases the Technology Service Providers who do not sell products and services “for your benefit” will charge you their hourly rate to research and assist you with ordering their recommended products and services, which most of the time will cost you more money than it would have cost you to buy the products and services from a Technology Service Provider who sells products and services through partnerships with vendors. Can you taking your time to order technology products and services and being billed by an Technology Service Provider to help you do that be “in your best interest”?

Contact Premier Solutions today to learn more about our Partners and how our Partnerships can be of benefit to your business.

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