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Backup Services

With Premier Solutions’ Backup Services you can rest easy knowing that if disaster strikes all of your data is safe and can be quickly recovered.

Backing up your data is absolutely critical. Just imagine trying to run your business after your server crashes and you lose all of your data because you had no backup. How would you bill your clients without your accounting data? And what about your client database that you have been building for the past several years.

Many businesses either have no backup or have a backup that is inadequate. We have seen numerous businesses that thought they were backing up their data only to find out that some component of their backup was not working, and most of the time they found this out when they needed to restore some critical data and were unable to do so because their backup was no good.

Studies report that businesses that are unable to restore operations due to data loss will never fully recover financially and 50% of businesses unable to restore operations due to data loss will be out of business within 2 years.

At Premier Solutions we see backup as a must. Operating without a sound backup solution is a risk that no business should take. We have no control over disasters, and they can strike at anytime. The majority of data loss results from hardware failures and human error. While we can’t prevent all hardware failures and human errors, we can prepare for them by ensuring that you have a sound backup solution.

Disaster Recovery Services

With Premier Solutions’ Disaster Recovery Services you can rest easy knowing that if disaster strikes you have a disaster recovery plan and that plan has been tested and verified to work.

Your office building just burned to the ground, so what do you do? The first thing to do is to enact your disaster recovery plan. This is where things often times go bad. Many businesses never prepare a disaster recovery plan. And of the few businesses that actually prepare a disaster recovery plan, few fail to test their plan. A disaster recovery plan that hasn’t been tested is of little or no value to your business.

So how do you ensure that when disaster strikes you will be able to efficiently and effectively restore your business operations?

Having a disaster recovery plan that has been tested and verified to work will give you comfort knowing that should a disaster strike, the necessary work has been done to ensure that your business will survive. A good disaster recovery plan will also add tremendous value for your customers who can feel confident that in the event of a disaster they will be able to continue to rely on your business to provide them with the products and services they count on to help run their businesses.

Contact Premier Solutions today to learn more about our Backup Services and Disaster Recovery Services and how these services can be of benefit to your business.