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Anti Virus Services

With Premier Solutions’ Anti Virus Services you can rest easy knowing that you have anti virus protection in place to protect you from the thousands of viruses that are just waiting to get into your computer network.

When computer viruses first appeared they were created by their authors for notoriety and it was blatantly obvious if your computer was infected by one of their viruses. Years ago you had to click on a file infected with a virus to actually get a virus. Today’s computer viruses are made so that they are very difficult to detect and can infect your computer without you ever knowing it.

Viruses are a serious threat to your business. A single virus could jeopardize your entire business operation. The days of viruses infecting your computer to pop up a silly message letting you know that your computer has been infected are long gone. Today’s viruses are created to steal and destroy. What affect would a virus have on your business if it erased all of your data, or if it installed a program on the computer that you do your banking on and stole your bank account login information?

At Premier Solutions we see antivirus protection as a must. Not having anti-virus protection is like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. Without antivirus protection it is not a matter of if you will get a virus, but how soon and how bad.

Spam Filtering Services

With Premier Solutions’ Spam Filtering Services you can focus on running your business without worrying about the threats and loss of productivity caused by spam.

Spam, like computer viruses, has been around for a long time. Spam was initially harmless, albeit annoying, but, like computer viruses, Spam has become a serious threat to your business.

One of the major threats spam presents to your business is a loss of productivity. A single employee can receive anywhere from a few to several hundreds of spam messages a day. Just imagine how much time your employees waste deleting spam in their mailbox to get to their legitimate business related e-mails. In addition to wasting time deleting spam messages, employees also waste time actually reading the spam in their mailboxes. Just imagine the savings for your business if you could save each employee even just a few minutes a day by eliminating time wasted hassling with spam in their mailboxes.

Everyone knows that spam is annoying and wastes your time. What most people do not know is that, in addition to being annoying and a waste of your time, spam is dangerous. Spam can result in your Internet Service Provider shutting off your Internet access, which could have a severe impact on your business. Spam can also result in your domain ( getting blacklisted on the Internet, which could result in e-mails you send getting blocked by the recipients. Imagine the damage to your business from not being able to send or respond to your customer’s e-mails.

Another major danger from spam is the viruses and phishing attacks that are often included in spam. Spam is used by predators to lure unsuspecting computer users into their trap. Just think of the damage that could result from an employee using a link from a spam message to access what they think is your bank’s website, but in fact is a website created by thieves to look just like your bank’s website, in order to steal your bank account login information.

Contact Premier Solutions today to learn more about our Anti Virus Services and Spam Filtering Services and how these services can be of benefit to your business.